Monday, November 23, 2015

Why migrated to SiteGround all our company websites ?

I decided to write this article as often we are not asked about what Web Hosting we could recommend, but rather about which one we use ourselves  and how happy we are about it.
Website migration to SiteGround web hosting
Website migration to SiteGround web hosting

This is also the result of the experience acquired over the last three years in terms of hosting and especially after I`ve successfully managed all the problems related to it.
As head of the IT department within a international  company in which every representatives from each country has separate site, I ran into several problems of hosting, namely:
- Limited storage space;
- Limited traffic;
- Weak support  or non-existent;
- Temporarily unable to send / receive mails corporate, etc ... .etc
To overcome the problems we have migrate more times with hosting but every time if solved an issue - appear next and so on. Only 1 year ago on the recommendation of a colleague from another company and of course after a comparative study, we chose as hosting provider for one of our representatives sites - the SiteGround company, at which point all our problems have disappeared .
Obviously I transferred a few months and other sites on this hosting corporate and now enjoy all the benefits thereof, which I want to communicate to you and your - those interested in making comparison with previous problems.
                1.   THEY ARE FLEXIBLE
The truth is that working with most hosting providers for Word Press sites can be as complicated so that at some point it becomes a real challenge for any of us.
For example, lack of support SSH and inability to make changes in configuration files diseases us very much. Therefore we started to build new features for our business, to simplify migration and to make things relatively simple, such as using wildcard SSL certificates.
Regarding SiteGround flexibility, which is superior to others can give a good example - for 30 days after you buy hosting, you can always deny it and recover your money immediately, no matter what didn 't liked, but no go ...

I want to mention SiteGround has offers for different categories of users with needs for both the premium and for those with very small budgets. More details about tarif plans and discounts that can reach up to 60% you can find here.

Problems with previous providers we spoke above, could be more easily overcome if teams were more responsive support. Here I want to talk about the experience of communication with support from SiteGround - which for us was an amazing and incomparable to others.
I don`t know exactly how they manage to do it, but it's not just speed response is phenomenal, and real time solving requests or problems.
You can read more about SiteGround support.

              4. THE BEST SPEED I MET
As SiteGround has 3 data centers worldwide (one in Holland, Chicago (USA) and Singapore. Something like this you will not not found at any supplier for JOOMLA or WordPress hosting. This allows the customer to choose the location depending on audience site or which directly influences the performance and speed of data transmission. By using this benefit not only customers but also those with large budgets insignificant, paying around 3.95 USD per month for hosting.

I do not know if I convinced anyone, but if in doubt you can test without problems, as as I mentioned, within 30 days you can quit anytime money back !!!