Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Comparison of the Most Popular Web Hostings for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS all over the world and many people use this FREE  CMS for their pages, blogs and websites on the Internet.

But, what hosting usually people and companies choose for their blog or web site on WordPress ?

We analyzed users' preferences, and identified some of the most popular and most good places in the world where people prefer to install their WordPress blogs, pages and websites.

Web Hosting from BlueHost
Web Hosting from BlueHost

 is probably the best known name brand in the WordPress web sites industry. Hosting is reliable but a little expensive. Very good for the big projects. This Hosting is reat ! You can rely on his power, if you plan something really serious.

Web Hosting from SiteGround
Web Hosting from SiteGround 

is one of the leaders of the hosting market:
- no problems and very good for all CMS including JOOMLA and WordPress;
very good prices and offers;
- outstanding support;
- high speed;
- a lot of preset options,
- features integration with social networks and more excellent hosting!
Web Hosting offer from SiteGround
Web Hosting offer from SiteGround

This is really an OUTSTANDING web hosting and we highly recommend it for both the little blogs as well as for BIG WEBSITES PROJECT  

WP Engine

Web Hosting WP Engine
Web Hosting WP Engine

Another well-known and well-deserved Hosting - WP Engine.We can notice that the service offers two months (!) To try their free hosting, and I don`t know where this is possible yet.

But then it turns out that the prices are a little bite high. You've got to think, or savings, or reliability. On reliability WP Engine has no equal, relatively speaking. You can also at any time change the rate to the maximum matched your desires and your capabilities.

Web Hosting PageLy
Web Hosting PageLy
Monthly payment of this fine hosting starts from $ 24. However, this means that your site can safely withstand up to 200,000 visitors per day. If you start a decent project - hosting is perfect!

Inmotion Hosting

Web hosting from Inmotion Hosting
Web Hosting from INMOTION Hosting

Very fast hosting. Price starting from just under $ 5. Attracts a convenient control panel and various built-in functions.

In general, you can try and evaluate it yourself!

Good luck !