Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tricks and Tips for WordPress and web hosting

What are tips and tricks? Tips and tricks are techniques that the average guy is not aware of. Generally, they are recorded by those heavy users who have found short cuts to implement something or to skirt around difficulties. Many tips and tricks are very useful if properly used. Firstly, I will cover the hosting features that will help you, as a novice, to get things done. They are not true tips and tricks but it will make you aware of what you are getting into.Tips and tricks in general

Control Panel

We are using Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel instead of cPanel - this is the first of our tips and tricks. Having used both control panels, I found Hepsia Control panel to be less complicated and much easier to use as it a point and click control panel. This is especially excellent for beginners who have never had a website before or managed a website one. It was so user friendly that I didn't even read the user manual or watch the video.

Upgrade your website hosting needs as you grow

The second of our tips and tricks is use a web hosting provider that will allow you to grow. All our website hosting plans can be upgraded as your needs grow. They can be upgraded to the next plan or just upgrade individual items like, number of hosted domains, dedicated IP addresses, memory, bandwith, ...etc and you can even migrate to a dedicated server.

There are many website hosting plans on the market and some are very cheap. Do take the time to compare our performance with theirs. Another of our tips and tricks is to do a Google Search for the host you are checking up on. For example Google for "Problems xyzhost" where xyzhost is the host your are checking up on. Checkout our page loading speed by clearing your browser cache and reloading this site or refreshing this page ... would your readers wait 8 or more seconds for pages to load in their browser before abandoning your page and visiting another site? The information coming from the SEO developers is that page download speed is a criteria for good Google Search Engine position of your website. Does it take a 30 seconds to back up your site or an hour to backup your site?

We provide, through our principal, LiquidNet Ltd. UK, 24/7 support. It can be day time or night or even the wee hours of the morning in your country, and you will still have round the clock support Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From my experience, their response times have been between 3 minutes and 22 minutes which is extremely good. This is the third of our tips and tricks, that is have access to good and prompt technical support.

Simple Tips and Tricks

Simple tips and tricks to boost your website performance with any of the web hosting plans.

1. If you are blogging install a cache. There are many caches, as plugins, for WordPress.

2. If you are operating a forum or have huge amount of visitor traffic then go for a dedicated server.

3. Our principal, LiquidNet Ltd., UK, has many data centers around the world, USA, UK and Australia, hence your visitors experience very fast page views of your site.

4. Use WordPress SEO optimisation. We have been using SEOPressor to have our Wordpress blog optimised to rank highly in Google Search Engine. This is another of our recommended tips and tricks....Click Here!.... We used SEOpressor to improve our ranking. It is very effective. SEOpressor was developd by Daniel Tan. He covers many tips and tricks for inline SEO and offline SEO. I learned many of the tips and tricks I am using from his software, newsletters and books.

5. Limit the number of WordPress plugins to less than 10 plugins. If you have more then we suggest you deactivate the plugins you rarely use. Only activate them when you need them.

6. Upload your videos to YouTube and embed the links into your site.

7. If you have many domains to be hosted, have them hosted over several accounts - this is the most important of our tips and tricks. I had all my domains on one host account (a multiple domain and multiple sub domains account) and when my site was hacked , the hackers took down all the sites on that account. That meant I had to restore all my sites. By splitting them over several accounts, hackers have a limited access to those domains in the account they are hacking. Hackers attack your site through the software package on your site and not through the host account. Once they penetrate your site, all sites on that account are accessible to them. Worst still your Google page rank will drop if you do not restore your site quickly. I have moved all my sites to this hosting services as after the hacking my old host has ceased operations.

Did you notice how fast this page loaded? That is our web hosting services for you. Nothing like a fast well connected server. If you would like to have a WordPress site check out our WordPress tips and tricks.

by Peter Achutha ,